Premises Liability

Premises liability encompasses many aspects of persons injured while on the property of another. The most common, being those injured while shopping at a business. Below is a breakdown of the duty of a premises owner in regards to hazardous conditions on the property.


Whether you are at a business and slip in stagnant water, trip on a crack in a pathway or hole in a parking lot, the premises owner may be liable for your damages depending on whether they knew or should have known of the dangerous condition.


Following an Injury on the Premises of Another:

  • First and foremost, if the injury warrants such treatment, go seek emergency medical attention immediately.
  • If you can, try and get photographs of the dangerous condition.
  • If in a place of business, ask a manager to fill out an incident report (make sure to get the managers name).
  • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • If in a place of business, request any security footage the business may have of the incident (most will be reluctant to hand out video or images or have store policies not to do so without a court order).
  • It is important to keep and preserve specific items of clothing, particularly shoes, do not wear such items following a slip, trip, or fall. It is important to preserve the items as they were at the moment of the accident (for example, keeping shoes because they may contain key evidence of a transitory foreign substance or may help rebut potential claims that your footwear was worn out and lead to the fall/trip/slip).


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